Companies with employee assignments from or to the US are required to comply with all regulatory and tax requirements. We will help you minimize the associated tax risks.

Private clients requiring US tax advice will also benefit from our expertise and coordinated advice in US and German tax law.

Our US tax consulting services specifically include:

I. Advice on international employee assignments from and to the US for companies and staff

  • Advice on US and German tax law in German and English and the preparation of US and German income tax returns from a single source
  • Advice on US payroll accounting:
  • Assessment of US payroll tax issues
  • Support with payroll processing for staff working in the US (including income tax liability assessments, US tax calculations, calculation of US income tax prepayments)
  • Advice on US social security, including application for a certificate of coverage
  • Applying for US individual taxpayer identification numbers (ITIN, form W-7)

II. Advice and tax optimization for individuals (private clients)

  • Support with disclosure and taxation of income within the US tax amnesty framework (streamlined filing compliance procedures)
  • Advice on gift and estate tax matters as well as preparation of required German and US tax returns (forms 706 and 709)
  • Advice on taxation of shares in non-US partnerships and corporations held as private assets. This especially includes:
  • Creation of check-the-box election
  • Classification as controlled foreign corporation (CFC) or controlled foreign partnership (CFP)
  • Classification as passive foreign investment company (PFIC testing)
  • Preparation of US and German tax returns for partnerships and corporations held as private assets (forms 5471, 8858 and 8865)
  • Preparation of forms to reduce US withholding tax (form W-8)
  • Preparation of US withholding tax refund claims
  • Coordinated US and German tax advice on structuring US investments
  • Advice regarding renunciation of US citizenship (form 8854)

III. Advice and tax optimization for partnerships and corporations

  • Examination of submission obligations
  • Applying for US employer identification numbers (form SS-4)
  • Preparation of US tax returns
  • Applications for reduction or refund of US withholding taxes

* Our consulting services are provided subject to verification by KPMG of their compliance with the rules of professional conduct in the individual case.