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The effective design of prevention measures in all business areas and across all corporate units alone makes it possible to minimise the risk of white-collar crime.

We offer you an approach tailored to your company and your challenges:

  • Fraud Surveys: Systematic, IT-supported recording and evaluation of the adequacy of existing anti-fraud controls in key business processes.
  • Data Pre-Analysis: IT-supported evaluation of your accounting data using forensic audit routines to identify suspicious transactions.
  • Guideline Screening: Examination of guidelines and process descriptions to ascertain target processes
  • Process walkthroughs: Discussions with employees to analyse the actual processes in the company
  • Forensic Sample: Evaluation of a qualified sample selected according to forensic risk criteria in order to specifically examine critical business transactions.

Following the Fraud Risk Assessment, we draw up short- and long-term recommendations for action, the implementation of which we support on request.

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