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These include in-depth process audits of patient management and our industry-specific audit approach.

Our industry-specific audit approach

Our approach to audits of annual financial statements, audits of consolidated financial statements, and special audits enables us to perform audits with a high degree of transparency and efficiency, in addition to the due care that is a matter of course in our profession.

Our Services

  • Audit of annual and consolidated financial statements according to HGB/KHBV, IFRS and US GAAP
  • Risk management system audit
  • Audit pursuant to § 53 of the Budgetary Principles Act
  • Audit of internal control systems (for example, service accounting, human resources, and purchasing)
  • Audit of the use of grant funds
  • Certificates for hospitals according to the Hospital Financing Act (KHG) and the Hospital Service Payment Act (KHEntgG)
  • Special audits

In-depth process review of patient management

As part of our process-oriented audit approach, we assess and identify the design, establishment and effectiveness of internal controls in the area of patient management.

We assess the processes and internal controls relevant to a hospital's annual financial statements and report on existing coding and billing risks.

In doing so, we assess the following topics, among others:

  • Completeness of patient records and organisation of filing from a billing and legal perspective.
  • Existence and implementation of procedural instructions for patient-related processes in admission, treatment, cooperation between departments, documentation and service accounting

We would be happy to present you with further industry-specific offers if required. Contact us.