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Companies are repeatedly confronted with sudden changes that can lead to acute resource bottlenecks and thus to heavy burdens in the finance departments. This makes it particularly difficult to process routine tasks in a timely manner.

Typical occasions for bottlenecks


Tax Mayday Accounting

Consequences for the finance department

If delays occur, for example in the processing of routine tasks, the internal and external pressure on the finance department increases. The associated high continuous workload often has negative effects such as an increase in sick days and declining employee satisfaction.

The objective consequences of limited performance in the finance department can be serious.

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  • Late payment of vendor invoices, possibly overdue fines or interest.
  • Missed deadlines vis-à-vis the tax authorities, possibly interest, penalties or periodic penalty payments
  • Non-compliance with publicity obligations may lead to the need for ad hoc notices and thus to loss of reputation
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  • Missed deadlines, e. g. late preparation of monthly and quarterly financial statements and delays in internal reporting.
  • Missing or inaccurate figures complicate corporate planning and business decisions
  • Delays in dunning, increase in working capital and possibly decreasing liquidity

Mayday Accounting creates relief

Internally or externally, bottlenecks in the finance department can have serious consequences. Quick action is required to maintain the efficiency and timely completion of pending tasks. This is where our Mayday Accounting comes in. Trained accounting experts take over pending tasks at short notice, create relief and thus ensure employee satisfaction and the performance of your finance department. This creates additional freedom for those responsible (CFO, commercial manager, accounting manager, head of controlling, head of taxes) for the performance of pending entrepreneurial tasks.

Our range of services

KPMG supports you in case of acute need for action with flexible "Mayday Accounting" services. Our experts are quickly ready for action with minimal burden on your internal resources. We work with proven processes and realise efficiency gains and process improvements in your accounting in the areas of organisation, standardisation, automation and quality. The core of our service is the remote approach, i.e. we share the work with your team on your systems and thus without interface losses. 

Our services are highly scalable through the use of our German Shared Service Centre, and the IT implementation is tried and tested and efficient. The activities are carried out regardless of which ERP system you use. 

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Our experts are quickly ready for action with minimal strain on your internal resources.

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We work with proven processes and realise process improvements and efficiency gains in your accounting in the areas of organisation, standardisation, quality and automation.

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We work with your team on your systems and thus without interface losses.

Your benefits

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Fast and efficient solution of capacity problems

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Flexibility through the use of KPMG resources for peak load balancing: scalable model from taking over partial tasks to outsourcing entire processes

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Work control via own IT workflow solution

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Quick and easy access to KPMG's expertise: experience in process design and implementation as well as execution competence

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