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European banks and insurance companies have been confronted with fundamental modernisations in supervisory law for several years. Thus, they have to comply with stricter regulations when investing and are dependent on the reporting of asset managers. Without appropriate reporting, for example, investors may be forced to withdraw their ownership interest in funds.

The risk exposure, which is determined in the various regulatory reports for investment funds, is becoming an increasingly important criterion for investment decisions by banks and insurance companies. Investment funds that do not provide the necessary transparency through reporting are assigned high risks by the supervisory authority. Accordingly, it is advisable for asset managers to provide customised reports in order to retain important investors and attract new ones.

Some of the key reports KPMG offers are:

  • Solvency II: Solvency II reporting allows European insurers to determine solvency capital requirements (SCR). The common standard here is the TPT template, which KPMG offers alongside other possible reporting formats. In addition, KPMG provides an overview of the SCR figures in a Solvency II Fact Sheet.
  • VAG: VAG reporting is aimed at pension funds and smaller insurance companies. It provides a classification of the fund portfolio for compliance with the requirements of the Insurance Supervision Act (VAG).
  • GroMiKV: GroMiKV reporting enables investors in the banking sector to identify their allocation of risks according to the Large Exposure Regulation (GroMiKV).
  • CRR: In various reports, KPMG offers to determine the equity deduction positions, CVA risk, foreign currency ratio and risk weighting following the CRR.

Reliable data sources and a wealth of experience in regulatory reporting allow us to offer our clients high-quality reporting. Our automated creation process allows for competitive pricing and short turnaround times. At the same time, it is flexible enough to handle a wide range of data formats. Our knowledge of changing requirements and our reports are always up to date. In addition to our reporting service, we are happy to support clients with our regulatory know-how in all further questions.