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In the course of globalisation, increasing regulatory requirements and continuous new technological developments, the task profile of the tax department is changing rapidly. The tax authorities are pushing for audit security, clearly documented tax processes and error-free monitoring. To this end, they are building the "electronic tax world" and are increasingly relying on standardisation and automation. This means that companies are faced with the challenge of bringing together extensive tax-relevant calculations and data from many sources and providing various stakeholders with the required information quickly, in detail and in compliance.

In addition, the expectations of the company's management have increased: the tax function should also make its contribution to competitiveness and be more strongly integrated into the operative business and risk management. In addition, internal reservations must be overcome: changes are generally difficult and often meet with resistance on the part of employees.

We support your tax departments on their way to a secure future. The focus is on developing a solution approach that takes your specific requirements into account. To do this, we first analyse the demands, expectations and goals of your company. Based on this, we develop a comprehensive strategy for you and design the necessary individual steps. Once this fundamental course has been set, we assist you in implementing the organisational and technical measures. In the process, the degree of transformation can be precisely matched to the desired strategic orientation.