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Does my current portfolio reflect the right strategy for me, and what are my strategic options?

Do I really understand the relevant performance and risk drivers?

Do I use appropriate models to properly measure performance and risk?

Have I set up my portfolio for value optimisation?

Do I properly monitor the performance of my portfolio, and how do I optimise my communication?

No matter how entrepreneurial you are, you are always actively involved with your corporate portfolio. We’ll help you make the right decision for optimising your value. Our Deal Advisory team at KPMG helps you analyse and map these decisions not only qualitatively but also quantitatively.

As your advisor,

  • we analyse your portfolio of companies with the future in mind, taking risks, opportunities and implementation options into consideration.
  • we use comparable benchmarks to focus on the factors that impact your value – both in terms of your performance and risk.
  • we help you calculate your expected performance and properly reflect the associated risks in your cost of capital.
  • we identify both the performance and risk value effects of your portfolio components, taking into account potential value increases and potential dependencies, so that you can minimise the risks to your portfolio.
  • we compare your strategic direction to the current situation and present it to you with a view to the accompanying changes in value.

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