With Covid-19 and Brexit, business entities are currently facing news every day that has a significant impact on business. Depending on the sector, potential fluctuations and their financial consequences vary in severity. Especially during this time, the importance of reliable budgetary accounting is particularly high and can help management make informed decisions based on current findings, making it easier to anticipate possible risks and to initiate appropriate countermeasures. Last but not least, informed budgetary accounting provides a basis for discussion that builds trust for all stakeholders, in particular for financing partners.

In times of great change and uncertainty, resilient planning is indispensable.

Technically, however, this can only be provided by a fully integrated budgetary model consisting of a profit and loss account (P&L), balance sheet and indirect cash flow, which are mathematically linked to each other. This is the only way to reliably assess changes, whether they are caused by Covid-19, Brexit or market developments. For business entities that have been severely affected by the crisis, the question of sufficient liquidity, which cannot be read from a budgeted profit and loss account, is becoming increasingly relevant.

Together with you, we design and implement integrated corporate budgeting for individual companies, segments or your entire group. Depending on your needs, we use a standardised software solution and ensure fast and efficient implementation.

In addition to an efficient budgetary process, including documentation and training for your employees, you will receive support in deriving budgeting assumptions and, if necessary, measures to improve results.

Our experts develop sophisticated budgeting models for a variety of projects every day, always with the goal of making complex issues transparent and comprehensible and keeping in mind their relevance to decision-making. Shoulder to shoulder with our clients. Our budgeting models create the opportunity to visualise all organisational units from different perspectives. On request, we can provide cloud-based access in the initial phase, so you can access your current integrated budgetary accounting at any time and get to the bottom of individual issues with drill-down features. Feel free to contact us at any time for further information.

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