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What are the key objectives of the proposed partnership?

In which markets, with whom and in what form should I enter into a partnership?

How can I properly assess the opportunities and risks arising from the partnership?

How is the partnership best positioned to succeed?

How can I make the transaction work best for me?

How do I successfully implement the partnership and best manage it?

How can I end the partnership if it doesn’t meet my expectations?

Joint ventures and strategic alliances have different success factors to normal sales and buying processes – simply because the parties remain connected after the transaction and jointly create and increase value potential. In addition to the classic business factors, governance, cultural aspects, control and design rights and the determination of the operating business model also come into play. We bring together the right experts so you can see everything from the foundation to the exit opportunities right from the start.

As your advisor...

  • ... based on your strategic goals, we identify optional courses of action and see if a joint venture is the best way to achieve your goals.
  • ... we focus on the relevant markets and identify the right partner for you.
  • ... we discuss the success factors with you and help you assess the opportunities and risks of the investment alternatives.
  • ... we advise you in determining a viable operating model, company structure, governance structure, policies, charter and exit strategy, or a full restart if necessary.
  • ... we prepare an efficient and effective transaction process, guide you through implementation and carefully review the various participation scenarios so that you can best assert your negotiating position.
  • ... we work with you to develop an effective governance, control and management structure for an effective launch of the joint venture.
  • ... we identify relevant questions early, work with you to overcome obstacles and problems in a timely and effective manner, and report on your progress.

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