The private equity business model is based on a consistent cycle of fundraising, investment decisions, portfolio management and successful realisation.

Based on many years of in-depth experience, KPMG’s Private Equity Consulting Team offers solutions to a wide range of issues at every stage of the investment cycle for both portfolio companies and private equity firms. The Private Equity Consulting Team sees itself as an integral part of the KPMG Private Equity Group to ensure that solutions are implemented in a holistic and sustainable manner. The focus of our solution offering here is on digital transformation.

KPMG’s private equity advisory services include the implementation of fast and reliable reporting for business management, complex data-driven business analyses, the strategic implementation of supply chain and sourcing transformations, disruptive strategies, as well as cybersecurity, cloud compliance, carve-outs, pricing and much more. An overview of our consulting services and more details can be found here.

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