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Our KPMG specialists in audit, accounting, tax, legal advice (through KPMG Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft), valuation, financing, transaction advice, process and cost optimisation and restructuring advise you on financing and capital procurement.

Our services in this area include:

Real estate valuation for credit purposes

Investments in real estate are designed for the long term. This has an impact on the assessment of real estate collateral. KPMG supports you with expert opinions on market and mortgage lending values for individual properties and real estate portfolios.

Property valuation

Knowledge of the value of real estate plays an important role in transactions, annual audits, company valuations and financing. KPMG supports you with real estate-specific qualifications and enables high-quality and efficient project implementation.

Legal advice on the structuring and financing of real estate projects

The development, transaction or reorganisation of real estate and real estate portfolios do not only involve economic and tax considerations. Legal aspects are also crucial for structuring and financing the project.

Structured financing

As a global player in international investment banking, viable financing and investment concepts or hedging and accounting issues are relevant. In order to master this task, our specialists will skilfully support you.