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From a municipality’s point of view, digitalisation is not an end in itself, but a decisive success factor for more efficient structures and service to the citizens as well as the economic development of the location.

Sustainability, urbanisation, migration to the city and transformation are becoming increasingly important across levels and responsibilities. The public sector also defines these areas of societal development as essential principles for a sustainable tomorrow and takes on a role model function with corresponding strategies and programmes of measures. The protection and sustainable use of resources is considered a maxim of public action.

Essential components of digital cities or smart cities are a high-performance digital infrastructure, efficient administration, the self-image of a city as a digital service provider and the design of a network and innovative framework for the economy. For municipal decision-makers, it is important to proactively shape the digital transformation in order to retain sovereignty.

However, many municipalities are experiencing investment congestion. Projects such as residential and road construction projects, the expansion of broadband and 5G infrastructure, investments in administrative modernisation and digitalisation projects in the education or healthcare sectors often have to take a back seat.

Different funding and financing offers are available - but often these cannot be used by cities and municipalities. The funding mechanism is complicated. Consistent, understandable and digital processes and comprehensible guidelines are missing. In addition, there is often a lack of qualified staff and financial resources for their own professional funding management, for example, for applications, monitoring or integration.

We support municipalities in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the funding programmes. In addition, we provide support along the path to the digital city with the following offers, among others:

  • E-mobility
  • Automation and robotics
  • E-file
  • Budget consolidation

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