Business intelligence has a variety of definitions. At its core, however, it is always about the systematic collection, analysis, processing and presentation of data. With the introduction of the SAP S4/HANA in-memory database technology, modern high-performance hardware in the server area and changed data modelling, there are new options for using the resulting business data for analyses. Modern trends such as self-service reporting are thus becoming increasingly important, as is the possibility of integrating big data scenarios.

In addition to internal data from, for example, the finance or sales department, external information such as market data or customer opinions increasingly play a decisive role. Looking inward is no longer enough. However, the quality and reliability of the information are always more decisive than the sheer quantity of data.

Customised information thus reaches the strategic and operational decision-makers. The selection and combination of the right technologies (such as SAP BW/4HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud, embedded analytics, etc.) should be individually oriented to the identified requirements of the recipient groups. Provided that a forthcoming cultural change is appropriately communicated and actively supported, employees will be empowered and sustainably motivated.

A variety of new opportunities are emerging in data-driven decision-making. Decisions are becoming faster, more accurate, more holistic, more innovative, and less expensive. A well-founded factual basis is emerging more and more out of a mere gut feeling.

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