Identifying signals of disruptive changes in the market and reacting to these is essential for successful innovation.

But how do you recognise them, especially given the challenge of increasingly volatile environments and complex business models? The solution is using innovative technology to analyse data and generate real insights fast. The finance function is the starting point and fundamental building block for this, provided it is appropriately positioned for the future.

The purpose: a forward-looking, value-adding, and resilient finance function

Do you experience a limited contribution of your finance department to the successful strategic and operational development of your company? In that case, a finance transformation is key to meet the ever-increasing demands of an operational and strategic nature.

This empowers the finance function a value-creating business partner that critically and with foresight anticipates changes and provides the right information to the relevant decision-makers at the right time. Your finance organisation will thus make a reliable contribution to the successful strategic and operational management of the company and achieve an entirely new level of process efficiency.

Our method for your successful finance transformation

To achieve this position, adjustments are required in the finance function and in the structures and processes that have grown historically. We will support and guide you in this challenge: With our finance transformation program, you have access to our experience of numerous successful finance transformation projects to leverage the potential of your finance function for a digital future.

To illustrate our approach, we have developed our House of Finance. Its basic structure comprises fully harmonised and standardised finance processes, value flows and master data. With the help of our KPMG Powered Enterprise solution, end-to-end processes are considered as a whole and neighbouring departments such as HR, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) are also included.

The roof is the management level. This level focuses on the strategic outlook of the finance function as a reliable, value-adding partner within the company and consists of three components: the finance strategy, the steering model, and the finance target operating model.

Integrated technologies and systems are the foundations of the house in our end-to-end advisory approach; they ensure that the requirements at management and process level are met.

We will assist your company on its way to digital transformation, taking a forward-thinking and holistic end-to-end approach. Please feel free to contact us.

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