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With ever more complex risks and increasing regulatory requirements, the demands on the management of insurance for companies that operate internationally are increasing.

Fluctuating cost burdens from insurance premiums, as well as dependence on brokers and insurers, make budgets hard to plan, and the procurement of sufficient capacity depending on volumes and specifications requires a lot of effort. In addition, there are often difficulties with the procedural and organisational integration into risk management structures, which makes it hard to optimally determine the risk portfolio to be insured.

Both companies with long-term insurance captives, as well as companies that have already opted out of a captive structure or who possibly bear their own risks, should regularly review their position, as well as their risk and insurance profile for inefficiencies. The ideal configuration varies primarily by the business model, level of internationality and company culture – KPMG Transformation Insurance helps to find the solution that is ideal for you.

What matters to you:

Our experts not only know the legal requirements for insurance captive structures, we also have many years of experience in consulting, establishing, reorganizing and administering national and international captive organisations, and know what it takes to succeed.

Projects we have conducted in the past include, among other things, the reorganisation of a captive primary insurer moving from Luxembourg to Germany, as well as the assessment of the current risk and insurance situation and the related organisational analysis of an internationally operating captive broker.

We are happy to help you establish, review and further develop the ideal insurance profile for your company. We can advise you throughout the entire insurance captive life cycle, from the founding of a captive broker to self-cover solutions and the assessment of primary and reinsurance solutions.

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