KPMG supports you in the design and implementation of ERP systems in the finance area in connection with the use of new technologies, process optimisation, efficient support of the management function and compliance with all regulatory requirements for IT systems. We offer solutions for:

  • Implementing ERP systems as part of complete finance transformations (e.g. implementing SAP, incl. multi-GAAP accounting and profit centre accounting, in SAP NewGL).
  • Modernising and increasing the efficiency of ERP systems and processes in the financial sector (e.g. by introducing new technologies such as SAP Simple Finance on HANA and using cloud solutions).
  • Implementing regulatory requirements in ERP systems (e.g. revenue recognition / IFRS 15 in SAP).
  • Implementing management structures and business control scenarios in ERP systems (e.g. integrated control over product divisions, regions and companies).
  • Harmonising/standardising ERP systems and system components in the financial sector (e.g. one finance ERP instead of distributed financial systems or implementing a cross-system master data management solution).

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