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Lightning-fast changes in market dynamics, increasing trading complexity and ever more regulatory measures: The requirements for the implementation, operation and maintenance of trading systems are on the increase. This means that the performance and reliability of your business applications is critical for your bottom line. KPMG’s Capital Markets Implementation Services division takes care of these.

Business-focussed support for front-to-back platforms

KPMG is an expert on all the issues relating to front-to-back platforms such as:

  • Murex
  • Front Arena
  • Calypso
  • Summit
  • Kondor+
  • Endur
  • Dimension

We handle the implementation, including migration of the legacy data, upgrades, streamlining, as well as the ongoing support and operation of your trading systems. If necessary, we can also develop separate tools for each individual platform.

Our approach here is: It is not the trading system that should shape the customer’s needs; rather, we ensure that the system is tailored precisely to your requirements. In addition, we always work with a focus on functionality, i.e. first we determine the key business functions of your trading system. In this way, we bridge the gap between IT and business departments.


At KPMG, the long-term success of the work we do for a client does not depend on the performance of individual KPMG members of staff. We see ourselves as a long-term partner in the financial sector.

KPMG can provide you not only with standard products, but also customised trading systems.