With our Cybersecurity Managed Services, we want to overcome the growing challenges of our customers efficiently and with the highest quality standards. These challenges include, for example, difficulties in finding and retaining qualified IAM specialists, not losing track of the different legal regulations in other countries and maintaining a holistic view of the maturity level of cybersecurity in your business entity.

This is exactly where our Cybersecurity Managed Services come into play:

Identity & Access Management (IAM) as a service

Leave your IAM process to us, be it the daily administration, for example, the creation of new staff in the necessary systems, or special issues, such as the IAM integration of new technical solutions.

Your advantage You can draw on our many years of expertise and no longer have to worry about finding suitably qualified employees or qualifying suitable experts on an ongoing basis. Benefit from our strong and ever reliable relationship based on the quality, availability and cost of our KPMG IAM as a service.

Legislation Monitoring Service

It is clear that cybersecurity regulations in different countries are subject to constant innovation. Constantly and comprehensively keeping track of all current regulations requires much cost and effort.

Our KPMG Legislation Monitoring Managed Service helps you find your way through the flood of regulations. Our experts collect the information relevant to you from more than 200 global sources and live feeds on an ongoing basis. Our monthly reports, tailored to you and your requirements, keep you up to date at all times. We help you to draw the right conclusions through an impact analysis and, depending on your needs, to properly and cost-effectively adjust your internal policy framework together with our experts.

Cyber Risk Rating

A Cyber Risk Rating is increasingly making a valuable contribution to cybersecurity. You get a comprehensive view of the digital fingerprints of all relevant systems along the value chain and processes. The risks and vulnerabilities discovered are assessed by our independent and solution-oriented experts, and if necessary, corrective measures are initiated and then broken down by type, cause and mitigation. We minimise risks by comprehensively identifying and addressing a wide range of vulnerabilities. In addition, the rating serves as proof of your cybersecurity measures vis-à-vis internal and external stakeholders.