Pricing with foresight

Pricing is a complex process that requires valuable resources for both buyers and sellers. KPMG Multiples simplifies this challenge by providing access to key benchmark data in just a few steps. Our powerful tool enables users to quickly obtain reliable market multiples such as revenue, EBITDA or EBIT multiples, all of which can be used to derive the purchase price!

KPMG Multiples provides access to an extensive and dynamic database of over 16,500 companies from around the world. Users can customize their peer group search by industry, region, or profitability criteria such as margins and growth rate. Having access to industry multiples enables users to find initial indications even more quickly. The tool offers a unique and customizable peer group analysis that can easily generate up-to-date multiples for a desired cut-off date. With just two simple steps, you gain access to the most accurate estimates based on analyst data. By displaying multiples in graphical and tabular form, users can observe long-term trends over time. Customizable analysis tools, such as individual adjustments for outliers, provide deeper and more precise insight into their data sets. The Excel download feature allows users to process and analyze their data beyond the initial platform.

Insights into the dashboard

User-friendly, interactive and available at anytime

All benefits at a glance:

  • Peer-group-specific multiples on the required reference date
  • Individual analysis and adaptation options, such as outlier analysis
  • Reliability and monthly data updates 
  • Peer group compilation from over 16,500 companies worldwide
  • Inclusion of historical reference dates using data from 2015 to today
  • Choice of cash flow currency
  • Parameters available for download as an Excel sheet

Available data:

  • Sales multiples
  • EBITDA multiples
  • EBIT multiples
  • Earnings multiples
  • Book value to market value of equity multiples
  • Selected financial KPIs
  • Further relevant multiples upon request

Product versions at a glance

Self Service

You will get independent access to the online tool. This allows you to enter the data yourself and view the results in just a few steps.

Managed Service

In addition to tool access, we will provide you with a contact person for setup and data entry and also support you with our KPMG expertise in compiling a relevant peer group.

Tailored Service

Apart from tool access and the individually compiled peer group, you will also receive further multiples and analyses for your company, such as transaction multiples, sector-specific multiples or outlier analyses.

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