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It is predictable: Extensive supervisory regulations will continue to pose considerable challenges to the financial industry in the coming years.

Regnology is therefore placing its ABACUS/DaVinci reporting software onto the new Abacus360 platform - binding for all users. The aim is to meet the future requirements for an agile and efficient reporting system.

The main drivers for the functional and technical revamp are the current trends towards flexible and granular ad hoc evaluations, combined with ever shorter timeframes for the provision of data.

We support you in all professional and technical challenges that arise from the migration to Abacus360 - along the entire regulatory value chain.

Abacus360 - Successfully approach integration

In a constantly evolving environment, the integration of Abacus360 is an enormous challenge for many business entities.

This concerns both the location of already existing, but possibly not yet used, functions (e.g. RWA calculation, collateral distribution), the use of new modules (e.g. AnaCredit) and new components (e.g. Data Model Designer, Smart Cube Analyzer) as well as the associated development of technical solution scenarios, including roadmap and effort estimation. In this context, dependencies on other infrastructure projects, such as BCBS 239, must be taken into account.

Abacus360 – Implement to fit

We accompany you with our certified Abacus consultants throughout the entire life cycle of a new implementation or migration project - including the preliminary study, software selection, conception, implementation, testing and go-live.

We support you in selecting the right Abacus360 functions and components for your business requirements and ensure seamless integration into your business entity’s strategic objectives. During implementation, we take into account the dependencies in your IT release plan and place an emphasis on structured testing and sound test and project management.

In the course of the migration, we identify and evaluate the optimisation potential, e.g. by reducing Abacus clusters and instances, and leverage this potential.

Abacus360 – Ensure quality

Especially for our audit mandates, we have developed a service portfolio in the area of quality assurance as well as a project-accompanying audit in accordance with or based on IDW PS 850.

Furthermore, we are happy to support our audit clients in the selection of a suitable Abacus360 consulting and implementation partner.