The technology industry in boundless growth - or facing the great disillusionment

With pervasiveness across all sectors, industries and walks of life, recent technology trends such as IoT, interconnectivity, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are shaping up to be universal multipliers. This not only offers enormous growth potential for new business models and industries, but also opportunities for traditional industries to reinvent themselves. It remains to be seen to what extent these innovative development possibilities will prevail in the market and prove themselves economically. The decisive factor will be whether technological performance promises meet expectations in terms of practicability and profitability despite increasing complexity and high development costs.

The media industry under constant, digital transformation pressure

Media, more than almost any other sector, have been under constant pressure to change since the early days of digitalisation. Entire business models that had been successful for decades fell victim to “creative destruction”, and numerous new models were created. Those who want to survive (successfully) must master the process of digital transformation and, if necessary, reinvent themselves: Rethink strategies, radically reinvent product and service offerings, restructure organisational models and processes, and see technology as a value driver - not a value destroyer. A recurring, complex and necessary undertaking in the media industry. Even more so now, in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The telecommunications industry undergoing radical change

Expectations for the telecommunications industry have never been as high as they are today. The 5G revolution puts the industry more than ever in the spotlight of digitalisation, which holds both immense business potential for telecom providers, but also brings with it the obligation to be not only enablers but also central pacemakers of digitalisation both in the economy and for private households. However, with the increasingly networked (economic) world and the growing penetration of digital technologies from the tertiary to the primary economic sector, the “telecommunications” business model has also become increasingly complex and challenging.

Our answer to growing complexity: KPMG’s “Technology, Media and Telecommunications” sector

With our "Technology, Media and Telecommunications" sector team, we deliver defined transformation programmes - from customer and market strategies to internal performance optimisation - with over 3,000 sector experts worldwide, including more than 100 in Germany alone. For example, we advise almost 25% of the top 100 telecommunications business entities worldwide and have successfully implemented over 200 telecommunications projects in Germany in the last 3 years – for both large, global providers and small, local providers.

Quickly gain insights with our “360° rapid diagnosis”

Together, we want to help you transform into a digital organisation. With the help of our structured and holistic top-down 360° assessment, we work with you from day 1 to identify any need for optimisation and then selectively delve deeper into those topics that show great potential for improvement - with little effort on your part:

  • With an agile approach, we go through the typical “actual vision, target vision, roadmap” cycle in just one week. The basis for this is our approach: assets - experts - mindset and passion.
  • Together, we develop a total of four end products: Indicative benchmarking of expenditure, operational maturity model, digital maturity assessment and a portfolio of interventions/roadmap.
  • In the following weeks it is possible to do selected deep dives along modern co-creation methods to make the results even clearer, more practical and tangible. Typical examples are: target image, value levers, end-to-end project development process.

Four technologies in particular play a decisive role here: Analytics/BI (4.8%), IoT/Edge Computing (3.5%), RPA/AI, and Cloud (2.4% each) - 60% of the digital potential is attributable to these technologies alone.


Our value map can be quickly customised for each organisation and includes concrete use cases for the biggest levers.

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