Many business entities need to simplify their operating models, structurally reduce costs and at the same time invest in new markets and services. KPMG is one of the top three IT strategy vendors, according to ALM Intelligence. The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals has also named our advisors the World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors for ten years in a row.

Our experienced transformation managers:

  • set up your Transformation Management Office using our proven methods and tools;
  • derive from your objectives KPIs that thoroughly and consistently describe your complex change initiatives up to the top and bottom line. They pursue these goals with the keen eye of an auditor;
  • manage critical organisational, process and technological changes together with you;
  • manage and control dependencies within the programmes or with respect to the line organisation;
  • have the broad knowledge to avoid working in silos and to increase acceptance both in the specialist departments and in IT;
  • use the available knowledge and resources of our global KPMG network to your advantage;
  • work with your organisation and other service providers to ensure the success of your project;
  • make the knowledge and experience from the program usable for further projects in your business entity.

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