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We support you in the precautionary or occasion-related forensic backup of data from servers, desktops, notebooks or mobile devices for safekeeping or for downstream evaluation. Our IT forensic experts also restore deleted data and evaluate digital artefacts.

Many investigations are preceded by the securing of digital evidence - including computer hard drive mirroring and securing network data files, contents of email mailboxes or movable data carriers and smartphones. But securing this evidence data may also be necessary as a preventive measure, for example before legal disputes. We carry out the court-proof backup of these data files, including the necessary evidence documentation (chain of custody).

In addition, our specialists restore deleted or overwritten data. The technical backup, processing and forensic analysis of data files are carried out in accordance with international standards and in strict compliance with data protection regulations. 


We are there for you around the clock: 

KPMG Forensic Emergency Hotline: 0800 SOS KPMG (0800 767 5764).

E-mail: de-sos@kpmg.com

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