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Proper, modern financial accounting and proper annual financial statements as a documentation and information tool are an essential basis for your business management decisions. Not only do extensive legal and regulatory requirements have to be met: Due to ever new regulations and legal issues, these requirements are also becoming increasingly complex.

Our experts are the right people to contact for all issues relating to accounting and annual financial statements. We are familiar with the latest requirements for modern accounting and are also always up to date in questions of digital processing of business transactions. In compliance with legal and official requirements, we support you in the preparation of annual financial statements, financial, open item and asset accounting as well as cost and performance accounting. We also assist you with the implementation, conversion and execution of adaptable, digitalised and automated accounting processes.

In addition, our experts provide up-to-the-minute evaluations and reports, both in accordance with national and international standards, which you can view interactively at any time.

Our services

  • Preparation of financial accounting and annual financial statements, posting of business transactions, preparation of reports & KPIs, VAT, ZM reporting
  • Keeping of asset and open item accounts as well as cost and performance accounts
  • Support with payment transactions and dunning 
  • Accompaniment during tax audits and support in exporting audit-relevant data 
  • Coordination and support for digitalised accounting 
  • Advice on interfaces to payroll accounting and ERP systems
  • Implementation of digitalised and automated accounting processes
  • Support in the selection of suitable ERP solutions for your accounting requirements
  • Reconciliations from and to various accounting standards such as IFRS or US-GAAP as well as documentation of the respective bridging
  • Accounting support in special cases such as mergers, start-ups or insolvencies