Our ITM approach raises change management as a fundamental part of project management to a new evolutionary stage compared to conventional waterfall concepts!

It combines functional project management with the motivationally driven perspective of change management. Your change project is designed and supported by our experts individually. They combine proven models with innovative & agile methods and digital media to accelerate your transformation.


ITM – we are successfully integrating change management into your transformation projects through agility, engagement & speed, and more!

Only 20% of planned transformation projects are successful. The most common reasons for failure are staff resistance and relapse into old patterns. Investments in new technologies come to nothing; optimised organisational structures do not have the desired effect; and newly designed processes do not take hold.

The “key” to the success of your transformation project: emotionally attracting and inspiring employees to actively shape change.

As essential elements, we therefore support communication and qualification measures along the entire project.

The crucial benefit:

In your change and transformation projects, we also establish a design that

  • identifies and integrates key drivers at an early stage,
  • offers space for experimentation and development,
  • promotes feedback in a targeted and systematic way,
  • systematically integrates insights gained into the project process and uses them for further development,
  • conveys and transports a new mindset,
  • intensively supports the rollout and
  • ensures sustainability in implementation.

We use the proven KPMG behavioural change management approach.

Phase I – “make it clear”

We facilitate workshops or iterative discussion rounds with senior leadership to create a common understanding of the starting position and the objectives of the transformation.

Together with you, we present the case for change and define the environment and the extent of the change.

Phase II – “make it known”

In design thinking workshops, we develop a change vision that inspires your employees and motivates them to work together. Together with you, we identify important stakeholders and involve them in the transformation project at an early stage.

The formation of a leadership alliance that drives further transformation and carries it into the business entity is also important in the early phase of the transformation.

Phase III – “make it real”

In order to prepare for change, we provide you with a detailed picture of the affected areas, changed roles and responsibilities, as well as the specific effects and extent of the upcoming changes.

Building on this, we determine the qualification needs for your managers and employees. We present concrete use cases clearly and communicate them via road shows, video messages or other communication formats.

With pulse checks (via app), we effectively and efficiently determine the mood of your employees and generate important feedback on essential aspects of your successful transformation.

Phase IV – “make it happen”

The initiation of a lively, virtually organised and active community helps to spread the “spirit” of transformation in the organisation and to communicate quick wins. Managers as mentors, selected change agents trained by us and innovative training concepts/media lead to continuous transformation. Targeted monitoring ensures feedback from the individual pilot and implementation phases. From this, the organisation learns for its further development or the following implementation steps.

Phase V – “make it stick”

The definition of the KPIs relevant for the implementation success and a systematic measurement of the implementation results as a basis for controlling, corrective and supplementary measures forms the basis for a sustainable anchoring in your business entity. Regular feedback from the most important stakeholder groups forms the basis for further optimisation.

You can also read our white paper.