Banks, insurance companies and other financial services organizations are under enormous pressure in a fast-changing world. Customer demands and expectations are rising. Competition is intensifying, as global giants vie for position and new challengers emerge. Business processes must be executed as quickly and accurately as possible, and data must be transformed into actionable insights faster than ever. At the same time, the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, creating greater demand for faster, more flexible and more transparent reporting. And banks and insurers are often facing these challenges with aging, fragmented, complex and costly systems that can’t deliver what the future demands.

KPMG can help.

Embrace the future with KPMG - and SAP & SAP Fioneer

At KPMG, we’re focused on putting leading business technologies to work for our clients, helping them overcome challenges, grow and create sustainable value for years to come. Our consulting services are tailored to the needs and requirements of the financial services industry to support banks and insurance companies with SAP & SAP Fioneer solutions.

Why choose KPMG to implement SAP & SAP Fioneer solutions?

KPMG is dedicated to helping organisations transform and grow their businesses in a fast-changing world. With SAP & SAP Fioneer solutions for banking and insurance companies, we enable financial services firms to modernize their IT systems, lower IT spending and total cost of ownership (TCO), innovate rapidly, and respond nimbly to industry or competitive disruptions and new regulatory requirements.

KPMG can help you get the most from SAP & SAP Fioneer

To realize the full value of SAP & SAP Fioneer, choose KPMG. We have years of experience helping banks, insurers, and other financial services companies successfully implement SAP & SAP Fioneer solutions. We combine this experience with extensive technical knowledge and—critically—our deep understanding of the business processes, accounting rules, and regulatory landscape of the financial services sector. We’ll work with you to ensure a smooth implementation, accelerating the process through guidelines, processes and methodologies rooted in best practices. We’ll help you ensure your solution not only works seamlessly from a technical perspective, but also supports your larger business goals and regulatory and reporting obligations.

Key Benefits

  • Extensive Experience. Proven in countless transformation programs, we gathered unmatched experience in defining on-premise and cloud target architectures and building roadmaps that meet and exceed business goals.
  • Unparalleled Industry knowledge. When it comes to complex transformations with industry-specific challenges, KPMG is your partner for in-depth industry and SAP & SAP Fioneer product know-how from a single source.
  • Implementation Expertise. Leveraging our proven process model in combination with our Powered Enterprise implementation methodology, our skilled staff accompanies projects safely from vision to go-live.
  • Shared Service Centers. Together with our nearshore and offshore centers, we are able to offer scalable and cost-effective additional technical services for development, customizing and code reviews as well as application lifecycle management (ALM).

Find out more

To learn more about how KPMG can help your organization harness their potential with regard to SAP & SAP Fioneer’s solutions for banks and insurance companies—contact us today.


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