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Transactions and transformations can no longer be viewed in isolation.

Nowadays, more and new factors are influencing transactions or restructurings. Cross-border supply and distribution channels, new data protection laws and regulatory requirements are just some of the many challenges and questions that need to be considered and answered in these situations. Data volumes have grown exponentially, while transaction speeds continue to increase. With this increase in data and influencing factors, the right decisions have to be made in an ever shorter time. So not only do you have to ask yourself the right questions and more questions - you also have to ask them earlier.

We offer you the diverse insights you need

Strategic, tax and regulatory issues are just some of the challenges you will face during a transaction. The earlier you have identified these issues, the more time and solution options you have. That is why we ask you the crucial questions right from the start. Our team is then in a position to bring in the right specialists with their know-how in tax consultancy. Auditing and consulting and to develop the best answers. By continuously looking beyond the current transaction phase and company situation, we ensure that you always ask the right questions to the right people. This enables you to identify and minimise your risks and increase values in the short and long term.

We think beyond our mission to help you create additional value.

Additional insights into synergy and growth potential. the interests of the various stakeholders and the challenges of integration often require a look beyond the specific transaction. The following questions can support you in identifying unexpected value-influencing issues: How do the results of the financial due diligence influence the other transaction steps outside our mandate?