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Industry Challenges in the Digitalisation Environment

The health insurance industry also does not remain unscathed by the digital changes in the insurance environment. KPMG has therefore identified three megatrends whose influences on the overall strategic and process orientation of health insurers should not be underestimated – these are healthtechs, changing customer needs and legislation.

Digital solutions for the health insurance market

In order to support health insurers in their strategic orientation with regard to these areas, and in order to face the new challenges, we offer the following solutions, among others:

  • Systematic performance and health management to improve efficiency through process optimisation
  • Optimisation of digital approaches to customers to link science, technology and customer needs
  • Chatbots as a new customer relationship management methodology
  • Data and analytics through the use of KPMG Lighthouse

Since every health insurer, whether private or statutory, has to deal with the aforementioned challenges of the market in different ways, we support you in a detailed analysis of your individual needs. The customer's various procedural and digital solutions are analysed accordingly in order to develop a plan that is suitable for the health insurer. The focus for our customers is on positioning themselves in the healthcare market and providing strategic and operational support to increase efficiency within the business entity. For example, chatbots help our customers to shape their relationship with the end customer in the digital world and reduce costs.

Even by implementing small solutions, we enable significant changes in the customer's digital perception of the insurer. Please get in touch with us.