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The current age challenges us on a personal and professional level in many different ways. These challenges are being addressed at the enterprise level with system changes, process optimisations or all-encompassing transformations. In the process, we often neglect our employees, who are supposed to work with the new systems, processes or structures and keep the business entity competitive. Today, they must already be prepared for future trends and the associated required qualifications as flexibly as possible and in line with their roles and responsibilities. The questions are:

  • Who should be trained?
  • What knowledge should be conveyed?
  • How is this knowledge effectively and sustainably communicated?
  • Where is the knowledge conveyed?
Academy & Training Cluster

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Academy & Training Matrix

Sustainable Learning

Nowadays we assume four different learning types: the auditory, visual, communicative and haptic learning types. The learning type is the channel through which learners learn most easily. However, successful knowledge transfer via the other channels is not excluded.

We optimise the learning content through cooperation with our numerous international KPMG experts. This is how we ensure that the knowledge and competence of your employees remains competitive.

In addition, we integrate our global KPMG trainer network, which consists of over 245 trainers, into our in-person training. Our international network of trainers enables us to respond to your training needs globally and at short notice.

In this way, cultural aspects can also be covered in the best possible way, and understanding as well as transfer to the daily context can be facilitated.

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Academy & Training Countries
Academy & Training Setup

Training Academies

We design our individual training academies according to your specific requirements and challenges. The systematic continuous training of your employees is our priority, which is why we orient ourselves to your internal processes, methods and structures. Together with you, we design training tracks that challenge and develop your employees over months or years.

As a reliable partner, we support you in designing, implementing and executing the training sessions as well as in continuously optimising and adapting the training-relevant content and introducing learning objective controls. Sustainable knowledge transfer is of particular importance to us, which is why we support you in selecting and implementing suitable learning formats in order to implement an academy tailored to the needs of your employees.

Global Training Rollouts

As experts with many years of experience, we provide support for your global training rollout. Together with you, we develop a requirement-specific approach, which includes a consistent and target group-oriented training methodology and didactics. Furthermore, the training materials and content are adapted to regional and cultural conditions according to requirements and are taught by competent, local trainers. Constant communication with the responsible country-specific functions as well as change management and transformation support are also part of our portfolio.

Academy & Training Rollouts

Transformation Support

Due to increasing market dynamics, business entities are increasingly faced with changes in structure, culture, processes and employee qualifications. We’re here to help you with these challenges. With the development and implementation of a global approach to transformation support, we support you on the path to your business entity’s future success from day one. Together with our experts at ITM, we support your organisation’s change. We can help you with:

  • the communication of structural/process changes,
  • cultural change,
  • employee training,
  • the leadership and coordination of global teams.

A look at our work

In the many years we have been in the training business, we have specialised in the challenges that staff training brings. At every stage, including the identification of learning needs, the design of the learning experience, the organisation and administration stages, trainer selection, and even the international rollout of extensive training projects, we stand by our clients. Our special focus is on enabling your employees to increase existing competencies and develop new ones.

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