Market requirements and customer needs are constantly evolving faster and more dynamically as a result of the globalisation and digitalisation of economic processes and constantly changing legal framework conditions.

Only those who have their project management completely under control can implement ideas quickly. If there is little time for efficient project management in the frenzy of everyday life, this can have serious consequences. Often, the available resources are not sufficient to meet all the challenges. Every day counts, and time is money: The customer doesn’t wait, but changes.

We combineproject management methodswith our long-standing expertise in the financial sector. OurPRINCE2-,SCRUM- andPMI-certified team, comprisingproject and program leadersandPMOstaff, will advise you on your projects in the financial services and insurance industry.

We use our own and renowned tools forefficientandtransparentproject management:

  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • MS Project
  • TrAction
  • Clarizen

We work with broad-based project management methods. These include classic and agile, but also hybrid approaches. Right from the start, we record the status quo of your project and examine it from different angles. We will work with you to develop asolution that fully meets your needs. Our advisory services include the following selected solutions in particular:

  • Overall control of the programme or project
  • Creation/coordination of the programme plan
  • Phase planning
  • Consideration of project risks, dependencies and framework conditions
  • Scope and benefit management
  • Program governance
  • Management of unexpected problems
  • Overarching control of program plan changes
  • Stakeholder management
  • Communication planning
  • Reporting

Ourgoalis to support your project processes using best practice methods. This is the only way we can ensure the success of your project.

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