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What does our Solution KPMG Jur Service offer you?

Our mix of standards information service and documentation platform is a solution for compliance, specialist and audit departments of regulated institutions that want to save time and resources simply, quickly and securely. The legal standards are prepared in an addressee-oriented manner, whether for the board or the specialist department, and made understandable and tangible through explanatory videos.

Your challenge

Clients have countless standards to monitor and implement every year. In-house research is very time-consuming. Purchased legal monitoring is often too comprehensive, incomprehensible and ends where the real work begins: relevance and materiality, as well as distribution in-house, are left as work. This eats up time and valuable resources in compliance and specialist departments. But the uncertainty remains.

Our solution

Understandably translated standards

We translate binding standards into understandable language and reduce the content to the essentials. This is done AI- and expert-based, supplemented by concise but apt explanatory videos.

Analyses for the evaluation of standards

Thanks to the broad experience of our experts, standards are supplemented with valuable analyses on relevance, effort, materiality, etc. (in relation to a model institute). For this purpose, we have interwoven our many years of in-house and auditing experience - always with an eye on quality and facilitation for our clients.

Steering the standards

We deliver the standards to the people actually affected (departments and compliance) - up to 93 % precisely. They can quickly evaluate the standards for their organisation on a modern, intuitive platform, documented and implemented with tried-and-tested standard workflows.

Look into the tool


Dashboard (Compliance)

Standards presentation


How does Jur Service work technically?

Our cloud-based application with server locations in Germany means no technical effort for your IT.

Jur Service includes a technical workflow component, clear task governance through a defined role concept, integrated automated deadlines, intelligent standards playouts tailored to you and an audit trail over the standards lifecycle.

The integrated communication option and the filing of documents prevents the classic media break.


For the assignment, we first use a special matrix in which we have condensed the empirical knowledge from the assignment of countless standards. In special workshops, we link this to the circumstances of your building.

You will receive a notification in your in-house mail programme - so you won't miss anything.

The standard is assigned to a department with main responsibility. There, the processing can be carried out by registered employees or deputies.

An escalation process selected by you is started and the overdraft appears clearly visualised on the dashboard.

Automatic reminders are sent in advance at intervals set by your institution - in the event of an actual overdraft, this is clearly displayed in the compliance dashboard and an escalation is started.

The price depends on the number of user seats (2, 10, 30 etc.) and the selected content (summary, analyses, workflows, inventory, implementation etc.). The term is three years and there is a special right of termination after 12 months.

The evaluation of the standards (relevance, responsibility, BaFin criteria, etc.) is initially carried out between the specialist departments and is only passed on to the compliance department, escalated and approved after a set period of time. This saves time, resources and nerves.

After a short intro / web session with experts from KPMG Jur Service, you will receive a test access for a period of two weeks with a reduced data set.

The system is Outsystems and our operation is ISO 2700x certified.

Essay Monitoring Tools

  • Inventory /Legal Inventory ~ 5000 standards
  • Concept best practice legal areas
  • Workshops to determine the responsible departments
  • Training of the departments in tool handling


Adaptation of SFO, risk assessment, control plan

  • Identification of potential for action
  • Identification of simplification potentials
  • Adaptation of assessment, control plan and SfO to Jur Service or standards supplier
  • KPI in the annual report

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