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Our interdisciplinary team of IT specialists, auditors and tax advisors supports you with solutions for your operational challenges, such as improving tax accounting and tax reporting processes. In addition, we implement systems and processes for automated tax balances (also with the support of e-balance sheet functionalities) and electronic tax returns. Our portfolio of customised solutions includes the following areas:


TaxOne is a powerful and flexible platform to significantly improve your tax-related processes through extensive automation.

Taxometer: Analysis tool for e-balance sheet pre-projects as well as for XBRL shipping

Our team advises and accompanies you in the implementation of the requirements for the e-balance sheet in accordance with § 5b EStG. With the Taxometer, we offer a powerful and streamlined solution to reliably and quickly allocate your accounts to the taxonomy and securely transmit the e-balance sheet to the tax authorities.

CorpTax: Database tool for the outsourcing of tax declaration processes including e-balance sheet and e-tax declaration

Tax declaration is a time-consuming and error-prone process, especially for companies with many subsidiaries and participations. Our team of specialists can perform tax declarations almost completely automatically with the help of powerful IT solutions. We can take over your tax declaration process or develop individual IT solutions for you to use yourself. In both cases, you benefit from speed and process reliability in the processing of your tax-relevant data.

Your data is captured electronically from the very first process step (for example from SAP) and processed and adapted in our "CorpTax" database. The highly efficient and standardised process steps require a minimum of manual intervention. We transmit the end product (the e-tax returns or e-balance sheet) to the tax authorities on your behalf. Electronic filing protocols and documentation make the entire process transparent for you.

Individual software solutions

Together with you, we develop IT solutions specially adapted to your needs to improve your tax processes.