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Business entities from all sectors of the economy are facing rising financial and reputational costs from financial crime. Traditional threats such as fraud and corruption are being joined by new threats, ranging from third party risks to supply chain integrity threats and cyber extortion.

At the same time, regulatory requirements and sanctions are increasing. In response, many business entities are allocating more and more resources to combat potential threats, thereby generating high costs.

KPMG’s white-collar crime offering uses joined-up thinking to help you achieve enterprise-wide resilience and unlock untapped benefits. There are three ways to do this:

  • Approach- An integrated, enterprise-wide approach is taken that looks at economic crime in an interconnected way and manages it in the context of your business entity.
  • Expertise- This leverages holistic risk expertise based on KPMG’s global experience with economic crime to identify specific threats to your business entity.
  • Tools- It is based on a set of risk technology tools that combine proven platforms with innovative tools. These use AI, machine learning and data analytics to improve quality, detect potential threats early, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

The overall goal is to combine risk management and reduction with economic improvement to increase enterprise-wide resilience. By using new technologies and innovative approaches, your security is increased so that your efficiency and customer satisfaction are also enhanced.

KPMG can transform your white-collar crime programme to improve security and create new opportunities for you through more efficient use of freed-up resources.