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Enormous amounts of structured and heterogeneous (unstructured) data are generated in the course of your daily work. Through a targeted analysis of your data stocks, KPMG can support you in identifying signs of criminal or other actions detrimental to the company as well as process and control weaknesses in a preventive and reactive manner and in counteracting damage. Our library of several hundred fraud algorithms, as well as analytical methods such as "machine learning", enables targeted detection of such incidents.

Through this type of data review, risks can be uncovered and mitigated, and white-collar crime can be detected and prevented. This approach takes advantage of the fact that behaviour that deviates from the norm leaves traces in the digital space, which in turn can be detected with the appropriate technical means and know-how.

In our work, we rely in particular on different analytical models:

  • Rule-based and statistical tests: e.g. analyses with regard to fraudulent actions within the scope of audit and compliance audits.
  • Predictive fraud analytics/machine learning: For example, predictions of harmful actions, e.g. for financial and insurance companies.
  • Big Data Analytics: For example, examining structured as well as unstructured large amounts of data from heterogeneous data sources for a holistic view.
  • Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence: e.g. use of computer-based, cognitive techniques and methods for the identification of white-collar criminal transactions and actions (e.g. Machine Learning)
  • Process Mining: Our technology enables digital transaction data from your ERP system (e.g. SAP) to be displayed and analysed in order to identify possible process weaknesses (efficiency) or process and control weaknesses (risks). In doing so, your data is used to transparently display your processes on the basis of the actual data and to compare them against the target process. Inefficiencies or undermining of processes can thus be effectively identified and prevented.


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