Safely to new shores

Foundations and non-profit organisations look back on long traditions that they have to reconcile with changing social and economic conditions.

In order to fulfil corporate and social responsibility, a multitude of questions must be answered.

Is the organisational structure suitable for impactfully achieving the objectives of the by-laws? Is it ensured that the opportunities are known and the risks can be systematically avoided? Are the operational processes in line with legal and tax requirements?

These and other questions need to be answered from different angles in order to develop and implement a clear proposal for a solution. We offer you a coordinated and process-oriented consulting approach in which our experts from all business areas work closely together.

Our consulting includes complete recording and analysis, whereupon we make clear and unambiguous findings and develop implementable solution models. We then support you in implementing these models in your organisation for the long term.

Structuring consulting

Foundations and non-profit business entities bear responsibility in different segments (health and welfare, education, culture and social affairs). The areas of responsibility are complex, and necessary resources are becoming scarcer. Existing operational structures must be further developed accordingly. In order to remain sustainable, they need new forms of cooperation.

We will support you in outsourcing processes when you outsource business areas, and take care of the right shielding in liability issues. In order to bundle know-how, become more efficient and reduce costs, we will support you in designing and further developing co-operations. Our integrated advisory approach takes into account all issues relevant to business consulting, tax law and auditing. Legal issues are handled by KPMG Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft.