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Energy-intensive companies from certain sectors can apply for EU subsidies for electricity price compensation from January 2014. The application must include the certification of an auditor. Our experts can take over this task for you. 

The following evidence must be provided for the application:

  • Belonging to an eligible sector with a risk of carbon leakage (NACE).
  • Carrying out an eligible activity (Prodcom)
  • Selection of the correct electricity price efficiency factor
  • Production rates in the base period 2005 to 2011

As the granting authority, the German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt) at the Federal Environment Agency is subject here to the joint technical supervision of the Federal Ministry of Economics and the Federal Ministry for the Environment.

KPMG is ideally positioned for you

Our specialists combine the technical expertise of experts in the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Act with experience as auditors in energy-related certification services, such as §41 EEG.

KPMG Cert GmbH has its own accredited verification body and supervises several hundred installations in EU emissions trading at home and abroad. We are familiar with the technical audit procedures and the form management system of the DEHSt from more than 1,000 audits of allocation applications and annual emissions reports.

We would be happy to advise you on the details of electricity price compensation and support you in applying for and providing the necessary evidence.