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Organisations today are continually faced with new challenges as they go through structural and staff changes that can extend beyond just payroll accounting. In many companies, bottleneck situations in this area are becoming increasingly common – with far-reaching consequences. 

Typical occasions for bottlenecks


Consequences for the Payroll Department and Governing Bodies

If there is a bottleneck in the processing of data and facts relevant to payroll accounting, this can have significant consequences for the payroll department and for the governing bodies of a company. After all, an employer is obliged under labour laws, and wage tax and social security laws to ensure the correct payroll accounting of its employees. Correct and punctual payment of wages and salaries to its employees is essential as are the correct and punctual registration and payment of wage tax and social security contributions to the competent tax authorities.

Possible consequences at a glance:



Missing and inaccurate pay slips and certificates to authorities can negatively affect employee trust and satisfaction, which can lead to reputational damage on the job market.


Failure to meet deadlines vis-à-vis the financial authorities or creditors could result in penalties or periodic penalty payments by administrative bodies.


Incomplete or incorrect data for cross-disciplinary and cross-tax purposes, e.g. transmission of legally required statistical surveys or consideration of facts for other types of tax, such as VAT or electricity tax.


KPMG Mayday Payroll provides support

To prevent  bottlenecks in the payroll department having  negative consequences, swift action is required. Our Mayday Payroll team provides timely support in such situations. To do this, we combine interdisciplinary expertise – from data analysis and payroll to labour law*, criminal law*, and social security – to understand your data structures and efficiently prepare them for time-critical payroll accounting. Our team can quickly take over any pending tasks, thus providing much-needed relief for your team so that they can focus on other critical priorities. By allowing your HR department to focus on its core tasks, experience shows that this can lead to improved employee satisfaction levels.


* Legal services are provided by KPMG Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.


Our services

Our Mayday Payroll services offer efficient and short-term solutions to eliminate bottlenecks. Our experts are quickly up and running with minimal impact on your internal resources. We build on your activities and processes while retaining your payroll system and payroll provider. If you wish, we can also support you in communicating externally and internally, for example with authorities or with your internal stakeholders.

Our activities are flexible, can be carried out independently of your systems, and can be adapted to your specific needs at short notice and at any time. 



To stabilise the workload in your payroll department, we adapt the KPMG Mayday Payroll approach to your company's situation and your needs. In doing so, we build on your existing processes and activities and adopt them at short notice.



Our team of experts use a  state-of-the-art framework that we have developed in-house, allowing us to alleviate the workload on your internal resources.



We work closely with your team and are able to fit into any system landscape and process flows.

Your benefits


Retention of your payroll system and (external) payroll provider as well as the associated interface systems, e.g. time management systems.


Flexibility, relief and stabilisation of your payroll department through the use of KPMG resources. Our scalable model allows us to handle partial tasks or outsource accounting processes as needed, ensuring your organisation can focus on its core business. 


Quick and easy access to the expertise of KPMG's interdisciplinary team, particularly in areas such as mass data analysis, payroll & accounting, tax advisory, and the derivation of specific measures and implementation actions for the time-critical payroll processing accounting.


Creation of a functioning and efficient working environment for your HR department