Heidi Mennen

Partner, Tax, Head of Payroll Tax Services, Head of Global Mobility Services Frankfurt

KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

I manage two departments, GMS Wage Tax Services and GMS Frankfurt. My team consists of 30 managers, 60 technical staff and a large number of interns and working students. Our consulting services cover nationally and internationally operating companies in the field of national wage tax law (external wage tax audit, 37b, Tax CMS, etc.) as well as all topics related to cross-border employee assignments (wage tax, income tax, SI, visa/immigration, IT, etc.).



  • Employee Assignment: Tax and Legal Fundamentals, Business Transaction Models, Assignment Agreements, 1st edition 2013, Schäfer Poeschel (together with Ulrike Schellert and Thomas Wolf).
  • Zweifelsfragen zur Anwendung des § 50d Abs. 8 EStG, 2005, DStR (together with Klaus Strohner)
  • Familienunternehmen und Mittelstand
  • Globale Anbieter
  • Internationale Märkte
  • Lohnsteuer
  • Nationale Märkte
  • Smart Start
  • Steuerliche Planung
  • Tax strategies
  • Wachstumsmärkte
  • Diplom-Kauffrau (univ.)

  • Steuerberaterin

  • Trainer: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung (DGFP)