Dr. Mascha Meynköhn

Partner, Financial Services, Real Estate Tax

KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

For me, the field of real estate is always an exciting subject area due to the different tax issues. My topic: real estate as a capital investment.

I specialise in the tax treatment of real estate investments by domestic and foreign real estate funds. Tax aspects can be decisive for investors. Does the chosen investment structure fit the investor's tax requirements? Are there alternative investment vehicles? Will what is intended for tax purposes ultimately be implemented in the tax returns of the fund and the investors?

The tax structuring of a real estate investment can be well planned - ultimately, the decisive factor is how it is implemented in tax compliance. There are numerous challenges here: In the case of special investment funds, for example, in addition to the tax assessment of the investment, the income and expenses must be correctly allocated to the investors in terms of time. In addition to the complexity of the issues, this also requires rapid processing of a mass of data. A particular concern of mine is therefore the further expansion of our IT-supported tax compliance and reporting software, the FS Reporting Engine.

Due to increased regulatory requirements, in addition to the tax compliance requirements at fund level, I also look after the issues surrounding the tax requirement criteria for an investment fund. In addition to the tax analysis of the individual criteria and their compliance, the focus here is increasingly on tax process consulting for fund managers.

"After the reform is before the reform": this currently applies in particular to investment taxation. I am therefore particularly committed to making the challenges of new regulations comprehensible - be it in publications, workshops or by visualising them on posters.

Personal exchange is particularly close to my heart: Please come to my event for the fund industry - the "KLÖNschnack" - in Hamburg. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.

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