Many business decisions are now made on the basis of data analyses. The rapid evaluation of data and statistical statements are increasingly being used for two areas of application in particular:

In order for companies to actually achieve better decisions and results in these areas thanks to new technologies and with the help of data analyses, hurdles that employees face in their daily work should be overcome: Identifying and extracting the right information from the masses of data, building up the appropriate data analyses and finally drawing the concrete and correct conclusions from them in terms of business management.

Find the most important information

"The key figures show the current status - but rarely give concrete indications of which activities in the organisation can contribute to improving the KPIs," says Björgvin Magnússon, data analytics expert at KPMG. He helps companies define and implement an appropriate data analytics strategy and acquire the relevant know-how.

KPMG offers technology-supported services for companies to filter the most relevant information from large amounts of data and to actively support employees in the companies in ensuring that Big Data achieves measurable added value. The data analyses continuously examine processes for anomalies and thus offer the possibility to react to changes with foresight, minimise risks and fulfil compliance requirements. In addition to analytics, technical experts are available to provide implementation support as needed. They help to interpret and make results measurable.

Real time results

Thanks to the data analyses, anomalies in processes can be detected in real time. The results of the review are fed back directly to the organisations concerned in the company. This includes concrete recommendations for action on how to quickly optimise processes, reduce costs and thus avoid risks. "In this way, the data analyses help to improve daily work. And the end result is that a company can make its processes more efficient," says Björgvin Magnússon. "we see ourselves as a partner firmly at our clients' side in this. We provide support not only technically, but also in the professional and operational implementation."

Analytics as a Service

For digital transformation to succeed, pure reporting and manual tracking is no longer sufficient. There is a need for an integrated platform that combines real-time data analytics with tracking workflows and alerts to unburden stakeholders and realise real improvements based on the insights generated. KPMG Sofy Suite provides structured data and process analysis in real time and enables companies to take targeted action based on immediately displayed alternative courses of action. KPMG Ignite enables advanced analytics and access to artificial intelligence and neural networks. Our platforms offer our clients standardised, scalable services on a subscription basis. Pre-built content and Sofy Suite's integrated technology enable rapid customisation of our available best-practice analytics to each organisation's unique needs. Insights are presented to users via notifications, social feeds and user-friendly dashboards.

We offer KPMG Sofy and KPMG Ignite as cloud solutions. KPMG takes care of all relevant activities, so there is no need for IT implementation or hardware purchase. We take care of support, maintenance, innovation and IT security. All our clients have to do is log in to our platforms and they can get started straight away.

Solutions for all business areas

In addition to outsourcing and automating tasks, a team of KPMG experts from all areas is available to accompany clients and employees on the path to a Data Driven Organisation in the long term.

With our Compliance and Performance Suite, risks can be reduced and optimisation and savings potential can be exploited. The Compliance Suite includes solutions for authorisation management (AIM), internal control systems, the management of external employees and their gift policy. With the Performance Suite, you can improve the performance of your company, for example by identifying and realising cost potentials with the help of KREO Analytics or optimise your processes by using Process Mining. In addition, far-reaching strategic decisions can be optimised through detailed geo-analysis or supply chain optimisation through digital collaboration. Our services and analytics solutions span almost all business areas. From finance, procurement, compliance, legal and internal audit to IT departments. We help from the identification of tasks to the active support and relief of the organisation.