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The business magazine "brand eins" has once again awarded our IT consultancy the highest possible rating (four out of four stars). Every year, "brand eins" publishes a ranking of the best service providers for IT consulting in Germany. In the current best list for 2023, we are once again listed as a top consulting firm. We were already named one of the best management consultancies by "brand eins" in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Thanks to many mentions and recommendations from both clients and industry experts, we were able to repeat our result. 

IT security consulting with good ratings

In the IT security category, we improved our rating from the previous year and received three out of four stars in the "brand eins" ranking thanks to a lot of positive feedback. A functioning IT infrastructure is essential for companies to be able to successfully implement digitalisation projects. Just as important as the development of a stable infrastructure is its protection. For example, against criminal attackers, but also against damage to hardware and software. 

In addition to IT consulting and security, we are also listed in this year's Best Lists for the Managed Service & Outsourcing sector.

A total of 5,107 people took part in the survey for the 2022 Best List, including 2,395 experts and 2,712 customers.