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From our daily work, we know what is important to business entities when implementing the SFTR requirements: You need planning security in terms of costs, timing and allocation of resources – despite ongoing changes in requirements at short notice. We have aligned our SFTR process model with this.

Our SFTR process model

We offer you a resource-saving and fast alternative to a classic preliminary study. Via an online questionnaire, we guide you through all relevant dimensions of the new SFTR regulations so that your experts from the front and back office, IT, collateral management and legal departments can answer the questionnaire quickly and efficiently. Learn about our questionnaire and the ATLAS platform here.

Alternatives to the classic preliminary study:

  1. SFTR assessment: Our SFTR Assessment builds on the ATLAS questionnaire. In addition to the results from the questionnaire, we evaluate documents you have provided on products and your infrastructure. Specific findings are then refined and possible solution designs discussed in specialised technical workshops. For the preferred SFTR solution design, a high-level implementation plan is customised to your business entity and the existing complexity drivers are clearly presented. 
  2. SFTR quick check: The SFTR quick check is based solely on the digital questionnaire and the evaluation of the documents provided. A remote analysis will highlight the impacts and challenges of the SFTR. This variant is therefore particularly suitable for smaller market participants who initially only want to assess the complexity.

Your KPMG value

KPMG has a structured project approach, analysis tools and results templates, as well as staff with extensive practical experience in integrating regulatory requirements and technical solutions. Our knowledge is based on SFTR projects already underway at major banks, allowing you to benefit from our internal benchmarking and best practice approaches.

KPMG aims to leverage synergy effects, which are made possible by a holistic view of various reporting requirements. We develop a solution tailored to your business entity for the efficient implementation of the SFTR requirements – practical for implementation and sustainable for the long term.

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