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The capital markets business, i.e. structuring, trading and institutional sales of derivatives and securities, is an important part of the business model of many banks, providing customers with products and services related to risk management, asset investment and refinancing.

Regulatory updates, changes in customer behaviour (“disintermediation”) and new competitors (e.g. trading venues) are examples of the drivers creating a need for comprehensive strategic and operational transformation in the capital markets business.

KPMG Capital Markets Transformation team

Our Capital Markets Transformation team of experienced professionals assists capital market players with the necessary transformation, advising banks on innovative and pragmatic solutions along the entire length of the capital market value chain. We combine many years of practical capital markets experience, particularly in the areas of trading, sales and structuring, with extensive expertise in process improvement, regulatory issues and digitalisation. We assist our clients with issues relating to Compliance & Assurance, as well as Streamlining & Transformation, which combines meeting needs of the business and its customers with fulfilling regulatory and legal requirements.

Compliance & Assurance

Our Compliance & Assurance services include:

  • analysis, design and implementation of legal and regulatory requirements in the capital markets business
  • Proof of concept for legal/regulatory projects and implementation activities
  • Capital Markets Assurance Services

Improvement & Transformation

Our Improvement & Transformation services include:

  • analysis and improvement of business models in the capital markets business, e.g. product range, target markets and market access, target customers, pricing
  • Strategic impact analyses, e.g. relating to legal and regulatory changes
  • Analysis and streamlining (from design to implementation) of operating models in the capital market business, e.g. TOM design and implementation
  • Comprehensive support for special issues, such as complex reorganisation projects or business relocations