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With EAM for valuable transformation

The current challenges in underwriting are diverse. The question of future viability is ubiquitous. But what needs to be transformed and how? Where does the journey lead? And how do you reach the goal in a way that adds value without impairing day-to-day business and hampering further innovation?

KPMG has the necessary know-how, practical experience and appropriate methodology to provide you with targeted support. With our Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) approach, we are able to manage the dependencies between your business processes, data and IT applications at any time and thus accompany you to your goal in line with your strategy.

A successful EAM is not limited to IT architecture

Numerous IT departments in the insurance industry have recognised the importance of Enterprise Architecture Management for the success of their business entity. However, the attempt to implement it often fails due to the lack of a link between IT and the business processes and strategy specifications. The EAM thus becomes exclusively a documentation vehicle for the IT architecture. The resulting transparency in the IT systems is helpful, but the cost involved is disproportionate to the benefit.

It can be observed in the market that business entities with a holistically integrated EAM are more competitive than their competitors. All levels of enterprise architecture must be included. It is important to manage the interaction of these levels and to focus on a top-down approach. The requirements are thus derived from the corporate strategy in order to align the business processes in a targeted manner and to give IT the opportunity to make the value contribution to the success of the business entity that has been demanded for years.

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