De-risking data migration

Move-to-the-cloud, legacy technology simplification and increasing M&A activity are necessitating the transfer of data between applications and organisations. A clear, business centric data migration strategy and a proven solution are key to success.

As businesses move to the cloud and/or simplify their legacy technology footprint, a critical but often underestimated component is the migration of clean and accurate business critical data.

Increased regulation, the type of data companies now hold, and the inherent customer trust that this demands, are driving a need to ensure data is migrated in a secure, transparent and accurate manner.

At the same time, new platforms and processes require data to be migrated from a variety of sources and technologies ensuring target platforms, processes and analytics function as expected, and associated benefits can be realised.

Add to this, increasing M&A and business divestment that are driving a need to migrate entire businesses encompassing a myriad of different applications and data types, including unstructured data, as part of highly complex, and commercially time bound programs.

Yet industry is littered with examples of failed or incomplete data migration projects which are often under or inappropriately resourced. The impact of getting it wrong is significant, be it failed programs or expensive remediation to address data gaps.

Questions to ask when considering a data migration

  • What data is required?
  • Where does that data currently reside, and what ‘state’ is it in?
  • What effort is required to cleanse/remediate the data?
  • What is the most appropriate way to migrate the data taking into account timeframes and the end-to-end impact across the organisation?
  • What are the security, risk, legal and compliance aspects?
  • How will the business validate the success of a migration?
  • What technology is needed to enable the migration?

What is KPMG Powered Data Migration?

Powered Data Migration is KPMG’s holistic approach to data migration through a business migration and cutover lens, rather than just a technical ‘Extract, Transfer, Load’ (ETL) perspective. It incorporates traditional ETL technical functionality, combined with Forensics analytics and KPMG’s business, risk, legal and compliance expertise.

With a variety of engagement and service delivery options, we can provide our clients with light touch, rapid migration delivery, through to multi-jurisdiction, multi-phase global migrations.

How we can help

KPMG has invested in data conversion technologies, methodologies and people to enable us to deliver end to end data migration services, from strategy to execution, to clients across all sectors.

Our methodology and toolset bring proven pre-configured solutions to help you de-risk delivery, provide business transparency, and build confidence in the most complex data migrations.

Our onshore expertise, coupled with offshore delivery options, provide a flexible, scalable and cost effective model.

KPMG Powered Data Migration is repeatable and scalable across multiple tranches of migration, geographies, and source systems.

Our service is both system and business agnostic, and has been proven on multiple successful engagements.

Our comprehensive data migration cutover management services include:

  • Migration Strategy and Planning
  • Governance and Reporting
  • Data Acquisition and Profiling
  • Data Quality Monitoring and Remediation
  • Data Mapping and Transformation
  • Output and Target System Load
  • Comprehensive Reconciliations and Controls.

Find out more about how KPMG can help you with your data quality and migration readiness.

KPMG Powered Enterprise Data solutions

In addition to data migration, KPMG can provide Powered Enterprise solutions for data readinessdata integration and data separation.

Insights into how Powered Data solutions can help

What’s in the box?

Powered Enterprise provides you with three integrated elements for transformational success. Using our tried and tested operating model, implementation suite of tools and ongoing evolution services you can choose your desired functional outcomes then make them a reality.

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