We help you make informed decisions about your software investments, increase the value from these investments, and manage both the cost and compliance of software through effective software asset management services.

Our Harvey Nash KPMG CIO Survey 2020 (the largest IT leadership survey in the world) provided us with powerful insights to the challenges faced by organisations and the impact of COVID19 and how it is shifting the organisational landscape from a new workforce structure to the increased focus on digital strategy.

Whilst IT security is a top investment priority for many organisations, leaders have equally called out the importance of operational efficiency as their top operational priority. Unsurprisingly, software spend has increased due to the pandemic and budgets are expected to increase significantly next year.

Considerations for organisations

Optimising your software spend

The answer is Software Asset Management (SAM). The following areas are key to your success:

Robust processes to manage the cost of their software assets and avoid unnecessary spend.

Helps organisations to mitigate compliance and technology risks.

Embedding SAM as a function within your organisation to provide governance and set goals to measure success.

Trustworthy source of truth for all software assets, enhanced through the right investments in digital tools.

Helps improve technology management, supporting digital transformation and data-driven decisions.

Expertise within the organisation to support execution and decision-making for SAM activities or access to resources.

How KPMG can help

How KPMG can help

KPMG has helped organisations manage their software costs across a range of services and reduced software budgets by up to 20 percent.

KPMG's team of Software Asset Management specialists, with deep knowledge of vendor compliance and licensing, can help you unlock the full benefits of SAM.

We provide a comprehensive list of services to support your ongoing SAM journey whether it be through managed or tailored services. These services can be delivered individually or as part of KPMG’s Software Asset Management as-a-Service (SAMaaS).

We can leverage your current SAM tool investments, supporting your roadmap for these investments to drive your desired outcomes for SAM.

Our Software Asset Management services include:

  • SAM Maturity Assessments
  • SAM Internal Audit
  • SAM Strategy and Operating Model Design
  • Contract Optimisation and Renewal Support
  • Cost Management (Demand and Rationalisation)
  • Vendor Risk Assessment
  • Non-compliance Identification and Remediation
  • Cloud Migration Support
  • Shadow IT Identification.

Asset management

Software Asset Management-as-a-Service

A single-pane view into your software usage.

An organisation could spend in excess of 20 percent of its IT budget on software (Gartner), but struggle to answer basic questions:

  • What software assets do I own? 
  • Do I have the right licences in place?
  • Does my software align to my organisation’s needs?

Powered by Flexera and hosted on KPMG’s cloud environment in Australia, Software Asset Management as-a-Service (SAMaaS) requires less infrastructure on your environment, allowing rapid visibility of your organisation’s software and hardware deployments, consumption, costs and licences.

Our team of SAM specialists with deep knowledge of vendor compliance and licensing can help you unlock the full value of your SAM including:

  • strategy and operating model
  • chargeback and budgeting
  • ITSM integration and optimisation
  • support for cloud migration
  • cyber-security readiness.

SAMaaS will empower you to make informed decisions to increase the value of your software investments, whilst managing risks for your organisation.

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