Risk Consulting

Risk Consulting

Manage, optimise or mitigate risk with the help of our KPMG team and build a strong, business-aligned risk framework for sustainable growth.

Manage, optimise or mitigate risk for sustainable growth with the help our team.

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Managing risk is about more than protecting value. Rather, it is about creating value through viewing risk management as a lever for enhancing innovation, building credibility and achieving sustainable growth.

In order to achieve this outcome there is a growing appetite to reform risk management through design and implementation of a cost effective and business-wide approach.

Today’s business agenda is characterised by issues such as conduct risk, the call for greater transparency over non-financial performance and ethical behaviours, technological disruption, cyber security and the power of social media.

In response, regulators and the public are weighing in to ensure that all stakeholder interests are considered, including shareholders, consumers, communities and employees.


How we can help

KPMG provides a holistic approach to risk to help our clients' risk framework align to their business agenda, especially as people prepare to drive sustainable growth into their business in an environment where trust and credibility are critical to success.

We work to protect and enhance business value by helping our clients manage risk in an agile and effective way, cut costs and improve business performance.

We believe risk and compliance is more than a box-ticking exercise – it is a critical investment that can underpin an organisation's long-term growth, value and sustainability.

Our team of risk professionals comprises specialist individuals and teams dedicated to providing timely and practical advice, drawing on KPMG's advisory services that include a range of both holistic and specialist risk services in relation to:

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