Providing clarity in an ever-changing and increasingly complex world to enhance the quality and precision of business decision-making.

Widely used in the insurance and finance industries, actuarial analysis is entering into many other areas as its power and flexibility become more widely appreciated. Increasingly, actuarial skills are being sought to support multi-disciplinary approaches to important business decisions.

Actuaries are experienced in both measuring and managing risk; although they cannot prevent irrational behaviour, actuarial methods can help to mitigate its impact and reduce uncertainties.

Our professionals typically work for organisations in general insurance, life insurance and wealth management, and health financing, although their services are being called on by an increasingly broad range of entities.

How KPMG can help

Our actuarial services include:

  • Capital and risk management
  • Financial and statistical modelling
  • Planning and strategy
  • Litigation and arbitration support
  • Reserve review and analysis
  • Internal control reviews
  • Appointed/approved actuary
  • Self insurance and risk management
  • Operations improvement
  • Pricing and product development
  • Merger and acquisition support
  • Financial reporting

Analytical and technical skills

Assignments often involve long-term financial arrangements where risks must be managed by the organisations.

We bring tightly focused skills to these tasks, including:

  • Business modelling, valuation of obligations and product pricing
  • Risk analysis, measurement and management
  • Statistical analysis and interpretation

The quality of our work reflects the technical competence of our actuaries, access to KPMG’s global resources and our extensive experience gained from advising listed and unlisted companies, multinational enterprises, government entities and leading not-for-profit organisations.

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