• Our insurance team combines deep sector knowledge and extensive experience with addressing the risks and opportunities that matter to insurers, to support clients as they navigate a rapidly changing environment.

    We provide a broad range of services to general insurers, life insurers, health insurers, reinsurers, brokers and other key sector participants.

We also partner with a diverse range of technology companies to meet the emerging needs of the insurance sector whilst also bringing global assets and approaches to the Australian context. KPMG helps Australian insurers find sustainable pathways to growth.

Today's economic environment is forcing insurers to rethink the way they conduct business whilst building resilience in the context of volatile markets, disruptive technologies, and a complex web of new regulations and compliance issues, whilst facing challenges ranging from severe weather events, rapidly changing consumer expectations and the impacts of legacy products and systems. This environment creates both risks and opportunities, putting a premium on timely and sound business decision-making.

How KPMG can help

  • If you are considering any of the following insurance sector services, KPMG can help.

Technology and transformation

  • Digital transformation
  • IFRS 17 implementation
  • Finance and Actuarial transformation
  • Claims transformation including data optimisation and intelligent automation
  • Cyber: strategy, incident response, TOM and linking into CPS234

Risk and regulation

  • Product governance, including pricing promises, premium increases and other regulator driven reviews
  • Operational resilience and risk management, including CPS230 preparedness
  • FAR
  • ESG, including maturity assessment, integrated reporting, climate risk assessments, sustainability programs

Business models

  • Platform modernisation
  • Customer experience
  • New business models
  • Cost optimisation
  • Deals – M&A, divestments, integration and separation

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Meet the team

Frequently asked questions

Does KPMG have any updates on CPS 230?

Yes, KPMG has regular CPS 230 updates.

Read about CPS 230 here >

Can you help with IFRS 17?

Yes, KPMG can assist with IFRS 17 implementation, it has deep experience globally and locally.

Find out more here >

What services do you offer insurers on customer experience, acquisition and growth?

KPMG offers key services including:

  • Customer segmentation and mapping
  • Brand and marketing strategy
  • Customer experience and service design
  • Marketing technology
  • Brand reputation and integrated communications
  • Market research & intelligence

Can you assist with regulatory change?

We'll analyse what the change means and how it will impact your organisation. We'll also help you implement an effective, well-tested change program to ensure compliance.

What tech and data can you help insurers with?

Focusing on digital strategy, AI, data analytics, IoT, mobile app and web, our technology and data team brings together deep knowledge of the latest technology stack to drive improvement in key business drivers, including:

  • Data optimisation
  • Customer experience
  • Platform modernisation
  • Claims transformation and more.

What do KPMG digital transformation services entail?

We align your business objectives with your technology strategy to respond to critical challenges and opportunities in the digital economy, including core platform modernisation.

We partner with clients to bring end-to-end digital capabilities to life, using insights and data led decisions, to together deliver the desired customer experience.

Digital Transformation with KPMG >

What components of the mergers and acquisition
cycle can KPMG support us with?

We can provide:

  • Scoping study
  • Project co-ordination
  • Operating model design
  • Planning and strategy
  • Due diligence and separation
  • Financial due diligence
  • Risk and controls due diligence
  • Governance and integration reviews
  • Commercial analysis
  • Business optimisation
  • Tax due diligence and structuring
  • Accounting and process mapping

Does KPMG support insurers with managing ESG Risk?

Let us understand your current approach and activities surrounding ESG, then develop sustainability roadmaps and the most appropriate frameworks to suit your ESG risk profile.

ESG services at KPMG >