Technology solutions

Technology solutions

Explore our leading tech-enabled solutions with powerful business functionality.

Explore our leading tech-enabled solutions with powerful business functionality.

We build the disruptors of tomorrow, today

Developed by the best and brightest minds at KPMG, our innovative tech-enabled solutions are tailored to your business needs, providing insights to drive confident decision making.

From streamlining processes to delivering better outcomes, explore our range of tech-enabled solutions to see how we can transform your business

  • analytics

    Generate intelligent, actionable insights for both your organisation and industry, helping you make well-informed decisions.

  • speedometer

    Achieve greater efficiency, from automating time-consuming processes to identifying costly performance gaps.

  • presentation

    Take advantage of innovative tech-enabled solutions, built on the expertise of KPMG professionals.

Technology solutions

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Accelerated Reporting Model

Produce validated and consistent print-ready financial statements and supporting schedules – quickly and simply.

Climate IQ

Climate risk and opportunity analysis for strategic decision making and managing disclosure requirements.

Compliance Compass

Compliance management solution designed to help you meet your compliance maturity targets.

Cost & Performance Analytics for Education

An holistic view of performance using data, and scenario analysis for forecasting future performance.

Cyber Learning Unlock

Accelerate, optimise, and uplift your cyber security culture with a next gen human risk management and cyber security training program.

Data Protection Navigator

Navigate the complexities of data protection and privacy laws, and turn compliance into a competitive advantage.

Dynamic Risk Assessment

Identify potentially significant impacts of risk contagion on your organisation.

ESS Assist

An automated digital solution that removes the complexity of managing employee share schemes.

Facilitator View

Make decisions with confidence with an intelligent facilitation solution that ensures everyone has a voice.


Take a proactive stance against fraud, corruption and misconduct with KPMG's FairCall whistleblower reporting service.

Finance Hub

Drive better decision making with financial performance and insights at your fingertips.

Financials Checker

Automate the internal checking of financial statements, so you can focus on value adding activities.

Asset Intelligence

Collect, analyse and transform your data to help you make better asset management decisions, real time.

Community Care

A solution for disability and home care providers, connecting care workers, service delivery and financials to their customers.

Contract Manager

Navigate the complexity of your contract project with KPMG’s patented AI capability.

Lease Reporting Model

Simplifying the accounting and reporting of the AASB 16 Leases Accounting Standard.

Legal Function Assessment Suite

Gain a 360-degree view with one simple solution.


Empowering supply chain participants with a blockchain-based track and trace solution.

Origins | Building Trustworthy Indicator

Building Trustworthy Indicator puts data at the heart of the building lifecycle.

Payment Insights

Designed in-line with the Payment Times Reporting legislation our tech-enabled solution combined with subject matter expertise provides a tested formula for Payment Times Reporting confidence.

Modern Slavery Benchmark

Self-assess the maturity of your entity's modern slavery risk management and access guidance from leading practice.

Powered Enterprise

Harness the cloud to transform your back-office processes across a range of business functions.

Risk Hub

Easy, reliable and cost-effective governance, risk and compliance that enables insightful, risk-based decisions and enhanced business performance.

Software Asset Management

A managed service empowering you to make informed decisions about your software investments, increase value from IT vendors, and manage your software asset risks.

Supply Chain Predictor

Future-proof your supply chain with AI-enabled predictive analytics.

Tax Control Room

Plan, control, and respond to tax risks with greater efficiency.

Tax Data Analytics

Gain quantitative insights and visibility on the status of your tax obligations.

Water Central

Connecting Australia’s water sector to smarter, real time data – in one place.


A full Microsoft ERP solution that handles your accounting, operations, inventory, projects and payroll in one hub.